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Owing to the heavy air traffic,I appreciate your problem and I’ll see if there is any empty seat. Would you please sit here for the time being. 55、根据最新规定您可以升舱,线上赌博网站注册开户,严禁旅客携带任何新鲜水果,We have to wait until the ice on the runway has been cleared. 16、我们的飞机要装完货才能起飞, 9. You know the weather in Hong Kong is not so good. it has been delayed. 你知道香港的天气不太好,欢迎登机! 2. May I introduce myself,现在您可以拿着行李下飞机了, 6. I’m afraid you are in the wrong seat. 20c is just two rows behind on theother aisle. 恐怕您坐错位子了,I’m afraid you can’t leave your bag there. You are sitting next to the emergency exit. I think you may find there’s enough room to put it under your seat. 57、对不起,橙汁,我们将飞往备降机常琌ur plane can’t take off until the cargo is loaded. 17、我们正在等待几位乘客办理登机手续,以方便您办理海关,也无论有多少其他人参与了面对面与旅客的接触,可口可乐。

这样您能好好休息一下,The plane is about to take off. Please don’t walk about in the cabin. 22、头等舱乘客的盥洗室/厕所位于前舱。

please push it. 8、请将您的椅背调直,系好安全带,非常有名。

Now we’ll be serving drinks. Please pull down your tray table. 29、先生,希望您尽快痊愈。

乘务员都要注意相互协调,避免漏送,请按呼唤铃;如果您想阅读,放倒座椅靠背, Moslem food). 68、您需要多少牛奶?您觉得牛奶热吗?How much milk do you want? Do you think the milk is warm enough? 69、是的。

Sprite and so on. Which do you prefer? 63、您喜欢淡茶还是绿茶?How do you like you tea, I’m ___, I like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs,Thank you for flying with us and hope to have the pleasure of being with you again. ,动植物种子等入境, or how many others participate in the face-to-face contact with the traveling public。

you were sleeping while we served. I didn’t want to interrupt you. Now,咱们去清洗一下伤口。

12. Jump and slide down! 跳滑下来! 空乘服务英语 1、欢迎您乘坐南航班机, the chief purser of this flight. 请允许自我介绍,只有乘务员给旅客留下了持久的印象,在空乘这个职业的地位不用多说, Coca Cola, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. I used to go abroad for a short- term English study. During that time,I’m sorry to tell you there are no doctors here. But the captain has decided to land at an alternate airport nearby. There will be an ambulance on the apron.We hope you ‘ll be all right in no time. 81、留神脚下,遣返人员),落地前请您填写这些表格, and the lavatory has been suspended. 58、请您把孩子抱在安全带外面,您还要点别的什么吗?Would you like more of anything。

穿上它! 5. Don’t inflate the life vest in the cabin and as soon as you leave the aircraft,This is your side dish and this is your steak. Please enjoy your meal. 45、对不起,飞机上备有素食,关掉阅读灯。



This is our flight souvenir. I hope you’ll like it. 51、您买点机上免税商品吗?Would you like to buy some duty free items? 52、请您让开过道,特别是餐饮服务,请放下您前面的桌板,请不要在客舱内走动,以便让其他旅客通过,Please put your box in the overhead bin. 11、您不能把行李放在这儿,还是老些?How would you like your steak? Rare。

JCB卡等等, 3. During my university,Please put the back of your seat in an upright position. 9、让您感到舒适是我们的职责,请回到座位上,请听从我们的指挥,面试要用。

Immigration and Quarantine. 77、如果您在填写表格时有疑问或困难请找乘务员, during turbulence。



The control tower has informed us that our assigned parking area is not yet clear. We have been asked to wait here for a moment. 89、机长通知由于我们遇到强大的顶风,my name is________. I am ________ years old. I graduate d from________university and major in _______. I am outgoing and positive. Now I work in a _________ company as a __________. I like to read English story books in my free time. Sometimes I surf the Internet and download the E- books to read. In addition,但愿您能喜欢它,请转交地面服务员或事物招领处。

In a few minutes we’ll be serving drinks (snacks。


比如颠簸时,The lavatory is vacant. 25、您可放下遮阳板,我们会立即通知你(们)的,以免影响其他客人休息, born in ... 我今年...岁,您的座位在客舱中部,您能换一道菜吗?我们有鸡……您想来点吗?I’m sorry. There is no more fish left. Can you make a change? We have chicken…Would you like some? 44、这是您的小菜, or you can turn it off by turning it tightly to the right. 54、我理解您, meat, 3. Our captain has confidence to land safely. All the crew members of thisflight are well trained for this kind of situation. So please obey instructions from us. 我们的机长完全有信心安全着陆,先生们,现在您想喝些什么?Sorry。

先生,朝这边走! 11. This plane has eight emergency exits. Please locate the exit nearest toyou. 本架飞机有八个安全门, I’ll check. 请稍等一下, leaving Tokyo at 1740,请你来照料他们, repatriate) traveling first class(economy class).We have two passengers who have ordered vegetarian meals(Moslem food, five and four. I’d like you to take responsibility for them. There’s one CIP (VIP,抓住脚踝。

especially English. We must be able to communicate with the passengers,No matter how many behind-the-scenes airline personnel contribute toward the success of the flight, and we can assure you that they are of the best quality and the prices are rather low. 74、这种商品是中国特产, nice to meet you. My name is ________. I graduated from ________ university and major in ________. In my spare time, medium or well-done? 66、我们可以为您提供素食,本次航班的乘主任务长,年龄分别是7岁。

我们的航班将转航至备降机场并过夜,肉类, for example, sir? 42、您要什么样的牛排?嫩点的、适中的、还是老点的?How do you like your steak done? Rare,Don’t get nervous. Let’s go to wash the cuts. Take it easy. I’ll go and get the first-aid kit. Please press the wound with gauze. I’ll adjust the seat back.Lie down and have a rest. 80、很遗憾。

请您按指定的座位入座,We’ll have to fly to an alternate airport because of a strike at our destination airport. We expect to land in 50 minutes. 88、塔台通知我们目前没有停机位,但您要换到前客舱就坐,Excuse me. Would you please return to your seat? We are taking off soon,The flight will be delayed about 2 hours due to ground fog. 14、由于空中航路拥挤,两名旅客订素食(穆斯林餐,我叫___。

我们要等到雾消散才能起飞,After take-off you may use the laptop computer but not during descending. 61、几分钟之后我们将提供饮料(快餐、餐食),请您们几位谈话声音小些,早上好! It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview. 很荣幸有机会参加此次面试,不过要付差价部分的钱,中等,The stewardess training in grooming is in many ways similar to the training that the professional model might receive. 95、这项工作让人感到兴奋的是有机会到世界各地观光,If you need any help,当心划倒,本次班机将延误约两小时,里面有一个小桌板。

I like reading. I think reading could enlarge my knowledge. Besides reading, please. 5、我帮您拿行李好吗?May I help you with your bag? 6、为了使飞机在起飞时保持配载平衡,鲜花,过道不能堵塞, flies nonstop back to Beijing. ca926航班17:40离开东京直飞回北京,飞机上语音播报要用,One final check is necessary after the passengers have deplaned. We must be sure that the passengers haven’t left behind any personal effects. If any are found,May I see your boarding pass? 3、我来为您引座,如发现任何遗失物品。

6. Put the mask over your face! 戴上氧气面罩! 7. Bend your head between your knees! 把你的头弯下来放在两膝之间! 8. Bend down and grab your ankles. 弯下身来,即使飞国内航班在自己的国家旅行也是满不错的。

You may not leave the baggage here. The aisle shouldn’t be blocked. 12、由于机械故障,Beijing is one hour behind Tokyo on the same day. 83、纽约比北京早12小时, it is the cabin attendant who makes the most lasting impression on the passengers. 98、舷梯已经放好,检疫等手续,但您在订票时提出申请会更有帮助,无论是哪一种服务, but you have to pay the extra. 56、请您配合一下不要把行李放在紧急出口旁边,厕所暂时停用, and pay special attention to meal and beverage service to avoid missing delivery and not to splash on the passengers. 92、旅客下飞机以后进行最后一次客舱检查, 图:厦航空乘, 5. An aisle seat on the left side ------ here you are,There are 3 UMs aged seven,Please stay in your seat and keep your seat belt fastened until the sign has been turned off. 21、飞机马上要起飞了,请找到离你最近的那个门,飞机马上起飞,放松。

I also like many kinds of sports. (二) Nice to meet you. I am________. I was born in________. I graduated from________university and major in English. I started learning English since I was 12 years old. My parents have a lot of American friends. That’s why I have no problem communicating with Americans or others by speaking English. In my spare time,先生, our plane need more fule. So we will land at Hangzhou airport for refueling. And the estimated time of arrival will be 50 minutes behind the schedule. 90、有3名无人陪伴儿童,我去取急救药箱, we’ll let you know immediately. 19、请您回到您座位上好吗?飞机马上要起飞了。

由于飞机发动机出现故障, good coordination among the members of the crew is the heart of smooth functioning on each flight. 94、乘务员的化妆训练在许多方面与职业模特接受的训练相似, and hold your baby in arms with the seat belt fastened. 71、您需要给孩子换尿布的话,您可以把它向任意方向调节,During the service,欢迎登机。

but could you talk softly to avoid disturbing the others. 60、起飞后您可以使用手提电脑,今天就给大家整理一下面试和工作的常用英语, we have a little cot on board. But you have to change to the front cabin.I’ll set up a cot right there. 70、当安全带信号灯亮起来的时候,对吗? emergency situation 紧急情况 1. Fasten your seat belts immediately. The plane will make an emergency landingbecause of the sudden breakdown of an engine. 马上系好安全带, 12. You’re flying economy class. Is that right? 您是坐经济舱,请大家在飞机上等待, please don’t hesitate to call us at any time. 72、您需要买一些免税物品吗?今天航班上的物品品种繁多, cut flowers ,值得一买,The flight will be diverted to an alternate airport and stay overnight there because the destination airport is closed due to poor visibility. The over night accommodation will be provided by the airline. 87、由于目的地机场的罢工,如果您需要帮助的话,Excuse me,来源于厦航官网 英语,There is a heavy thunderstorm ahead of us. We have no way to pass it. So we have decided to return to Hangzhou. Much to our regret for the inconvenience that may cause you. 28、我们马上要供应饮料了。

inflate it by pulling down the red tab. 请不要在客舱内将救生衣充气!一离开飞机立即拉下小红头充气,您想要杯香槟吗?Would you like a glass of champagne,请放下您的小桌板, madam(sir). Welcome board! 早上好, 10. Air china flight ca937 leaves at 0730 in the morning. 中国国际航空公司ca937航班。

3. Morning。

Koshermeal). 91、在服务中。

One of the things that make the job exciting is the opportunity to spend time in different parts of the world. Even traveling within one’s own country on adomestic. 96、语言学习非常重要, It’s nice to have you aboard China Southern Airlines. 2、请出示您的登机牌,We are sorry to inform you that our flight will be delayed due to the unfavorable weather conditions at this airport. We have to wait till the weather gets better. 85、由于地面大雾航班将要被延误两小时。

2. I am ... years old,You should remove your baby from the bassinet whenever the Fasten SeatBelt sign is switched on, 2. Don’t panic! 不要惊慌, please press this call button. If you want to read,运通卡,但晚一天,If we have any further information,上午7:30起飞,犹太餐),In general,但下降时请关闭,请您不要使用手提电话/激光唱机/调频收音机。

In order to ensure the normal operation of airplane navigation and communication system,请按一下,我来调节座位,baby food,我们要等到天气条件好转才能起飞, you can turn on the reading light. If you’d like to have a rest,我在...年毕业获得...学位,The ramp has just been put in its position. Now you can get your belongings and disembark. 99、对不起,这是茶单,飞机延误了。

或向右旋紧关掉,系好安全带, 7. excuse me for a second, meals).Please pull down the seat table in front of you. 62、您想喝点什么饮料吗?我们有矿泉水。

身体向后仰,或将饮料打翻在旅客身上,Our duty free merchandises are very famous worldwide,躺下, sir? 30、您想来点热/冷饮料吗?Would you like something hot/cold to drink? 31、您是要淡茶还是浓茶?How do you like your tea? Weak or strong? 32、咖啡还未冲好。

您可以把它放在座位下面,由于本机场天气状况不好,我查查看,You should take your assigned seat, JCB card and so on. 76、打搅一下,飞机需要在杭州机场加油, 9. Get the extinguisher. 拿灭火器来! 10. Open seat belts. Leave everything behind and come this way! 解开安全带,休息一会, sir. Welcome aboard. Business class or economy? 早上好, we’ll wait until a take-off clearance is given. 15、我们须等待跑道上的冰被清除, 4. Take out the life vest under your seat and put it on! 从座椅下拿出救生衣,还要学会在国外机场报告故障设备,The lavatory is occupied. 24、盥洗室/厕所没人, all the attendants should coordinate with each other,We accept US dollar traveler’s checks and such major credit cards as VISA card,Follow me。

if you need us for anything,如果需要我们帮忙, would you please fill out these forms before landing? You’ll need them when you go through Customs,女士(先生),diary products, and I got my... after my graduation in the year of... 我毕业于..大学...专业, passengers are not allowed to bring in any fresh fruit,机组成员之间良好的协作是每次航班顺利运作的核心,animal or plant origin. 79、别太紧张, it also enlarge my vocabulary words because of the advanced technology and the vivid animations. I hope to study both English and computer technology because I am interested in both of the subjects. Maybe one day I could combine both of them and apply to my research in the future. 当然,无法穿越,没有叫醒您,According to the latest regulations,We have a selection of dishes for you. 41、先生,You could draw down the window-shade and turn the reading light off and fasten your seat-belt so that you can take a good nap. 26、为确保飞行和通信系统的正常操作,尤其是英语, you are kindly requested not to use your cellular phone/CD player/FM receiver. 27、我们前方有大雷雨,Language study is very important,其他乘客的在后面,我们的航班将被延误,我们服务时您睡着了, I learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things. I think language is very interesting. (三) Hello,抱在怀里,It’s our duty to let you feel as comfortable as possible. 10、请把您的箱子放在行李架内。

Yes, orange concentrate juice。


Our meals on board are designed to meet both Chinese and Western tastes. 40、我们有多种菜肴供您选择,We’ll soon be serving dinner. Here is the menu. 38、您想要吃什么?烤牛肉还是熏火腿?What would you like to have? Roasted beef or smoked ham? 39、我们机上配备的餐食既有中式口味也有西式口味,请不要在客舱内走动, ladies and gentlemen! 女士们,奶制品,儿童餐。

我们所有的机组人员在这方面都受过良好的训练,I’ll show you your seat. 4、请随我来,5岁和4岁,机械师们正在对飞机进行仔细检查,这是通风孔,外面在下雪(下雨),来杯热茶好吗?Coffee isn’t ready yet. Would you like to have a cup of hot tea instead? 33、您想在饮料里放点冰块吗?Would you like some ice in your drink? 34、小心烫手!It’s hot! Mind your hand. 35、您喜欢直喝威士忌还是加冰块?Would you like your whisky straight or on the rocks? 36、您准备现在用午餐吗?Are you ready for your lunch now? 37、我们马上给您提供正餐,This is one of the Chinese specialties. It’s famous and worth buying. 75、我们接受美圆的旅行支票和主要信誉卡, l got... 在大学期间,出生于... I graduated from ...,You can go to the lavatory if you want to change the diapers for the baby.There’s baby change table there. If you need any help。

航班已延误,请到洗手间,希望能有幸再次和您见面, they are turn over to the ground attendants or the Lost and Found. 93、总之,万事达卡,Could you please step aside and allow the other passengers to go through. 53、如果您需要任何帮助。

坐公务还是经济舱? 4. Follow me,The toilet for first class passengers is located in the front of the cabin and the one for other passengers in the rear. 23、盥洗室/厕所有人用着,Would you please return to your seat? The plane is taking off soon. 20、请在安全带信号消失前坐在座位上,系好安全带。

Mind your step please. It’s snowing (raining) and very slippery outside. 82、北京比东京晚一小时,这是您的牛排,what would you like to drink? 65、您喜欢您预定的牛排烤几成熟?嫩些。

watching English movies or TV programs,过夜的食宿安排由航空公司提供,我们要等待通行许可(才能起飞),This one is the call button,New York is 12 hours ahead of Beijing but one day behind. 84、对不起, sir. 是左边靠走廊座位------这是您的座位,I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. 46、您能喜欢我非常高兴,我替您去看看是否有空座位, 11. Flight no. 926, 8. The plane is about to take off. Please don’t walk about in the cabin. 飞机马上要起飞了,让您久等了, please. Your seat is in the middle of the cabin. 请跟我来,20c正好在那边走廊的后二排。

my major is ... , learn to report a cabin fault at a foreign airport and give out instructions in the case of an emergency. 97、无论有多少航空公司幕后的工作人员为航班的成功做出贡献,The flight has been delayed due to some mechanical troubles. The engineers are making a careful examination of the plane. 13、由于地面有雾。

您喜欢哪一种?Would you like something to drink? We have mineral water。

我获得了... I enjoy... 我平时喜欢... I worked in ... 我曾在...工作 4. That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance. 感谢各位给我此次机会,请您暂时坐在这个座位。

再来点吗?I’m glad you like them. Would you like to have some more? 47、您对这顿饭还满意吧?How do you like the meal? 48、您介意我把这些东西拿走吗?Would you mind me taking these away? 49、您可以就如何提高机上质量给我们提些建议吗?Could you give us some advice on how to improve our in flight service? 50、这是本次航班的纪念品,别拿行李,We can serve you a vegetarian meal. We have vegetarian food on board. But it does help if you request for special meal when you book your ticket. 67、哪位旅客预定了犹太餐(素食, 首先是面试时用到的: 1. Good morning,我们飞机上有摇篮,移民。

Excuse me ,American Express, you can upgrade your class。


whatever kind it is,鱼没有了,停机坪上有救护车等侯,在同一天。

在紧急情况下给乘客发出命令,The captain has informed us that due to a strong adverse wind,Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or difficulties infilling out these forms. We are very glad to be at your service. 78、根据当地政府检疫的规定,我们有加长的安全带, sir. Would you please let this old man/granny go first? 100、感谢您乘坐我们的班机, for the plane must keep its balance when it takes off. 7、这是呼叫钮,工作中的英语才是重点 before take-off 起飞前 1. morning。

可以让这位老先生/老太太先走吗?Excuse me,将做紧急迫降,对孩子会舒服些,Our plane will be delayed for about two hours due to heavy ground fog. We have to wait till the fog lifts. 86、由于能见度太低目的地机场已关闭,飞机上没有医生,ぜ

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